NOSE PARIS, 2016/ "Perfumer's Attire" of 1697, reinterpreted by NG through a leather apron holding 300 perfume samples, a bowler hat, a leather & alligator doctors bag. All handmade.


IAIN MACKENZIE, 2015 / "Musca Depicta", an 80 sec & 2mn movie expressing Iain's & Naomi's vision of NGP & the "Bois d'Ascèse" limited edition.

Film credits: Iain Mackenzie - Director, Cinematographer, Producer / Tess Strelein - Designer, Producer / Tim Dyroff - Editing & Post Production / Holly Dyroff - Model / Katie Moore - Hair & Make-up / Jeremy Yang - Sound.


JEAN-PHILIPPE ROUBAUD, 2014 & 2015 / Commissioned by NG: "Musca Depicta", 2014. Limited edition of "Bois d'Ascèse" eau de parfum. Oil painting on glass.

- A collaboration is a way to express, to share a creative universe & a savoir-faire.

"Souvenir du Monde Flottant, Iris Cendré (Goodsir)", 2015. Graphite on paper.

Handmade entomological box for "Musca Depicta" edition.


TZURI GUETA, 2014/ Commissioned by NG: a spinal piece & silica applied onto french lace. All hand made.