TZURI GUETA - MILAN & FLORENCE, 2017/ The encounter between Art & Science.

By combining silicone with open work textile materials, Tzuri Gueta invented a technique of blowing silicone onto lace. Tzuri Gueta graduated from Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, Israel as a designer & textile engineer. After settling in Paris in 1996, Tzuri worked at Trend Union - an agency run by Li Edelkoort where he concentrated on textile design. His innovative approach gave rise to surprising materials that border on sculpture – materials that deceive the senses of touch & vision.

In November 2013, the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, hosted the exhibition ‘Noces Végétales’ (Plant Nuptials) by Tzuri Gueta, inside the Great Green houses in the Jardin des Plantes. Using silicone-infused lace to create works inspired by the organic world, Tzuri enhanced the luxuriant greenery of the greenhouse by entwining his silicone pieces with nature.

A few hand made original & unique silicone plants by Tzuri Gueta from ‘Noces Végétales’ were displayed in our "Insomnia suite" at Hotel Principe Di Savoia (Milan) & "Insomnia booth" at Pitti Fragranze (Florence) for the presentation of Nuit de Bakélite, as a link to some aspects of the perfume.

Tzuri Gueta collaborates with the worlds most acclaimed haute couture houses : Chanel, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Stéphane Rolland, Issey Miyake, etc …


NOSE PARIS, 2016/ "Perfumer's Attire" of 1697, reinterpreted by NG through a leather apron holding 300 perfume samples, a bowler hat, a leather & alligator doctors bag. All handmade.


IAIN MACKENZIE, 2015 / "Musca Depicta", an 80 sec & 2mn movie expressing Iain's & Naomi's vision of NGP & the "Bois d'Ascèse" limited edition.

Film credits: Iain Mackenzie - Director, Cinematographer, Producer / Tess Strelein - Designer, Producer / Tim Dyroff - Editing & Post Production / Holly Dyroff - Model / Katie Moore - Hair & Make-up / Jeremy Yang - Sound.


JEAN-PHILIPPE ROUBAUD, 2014 & 2015 / Commissioned by NG: "Musca Depicta", 2014. Limited edition of "Bois d'Ascèse" eau de parfum. Oil painting on glass.

- A collaboration is a way to express, to share a creative universe & a savoir-faire.

"Souvenir du Monde Flottant, Iris Cendré (Goodsir)", 2015. Graphite on paper.

Handmade entomological box for "Musca Depicta" edition.


TZURI GUETA, 2014/ Commissioned by NG: a spinal piece & silica applied onto french lace. All hand made.