INSOMNIA / Installation by Naomi Goodsir for the launch of Nuit de Bakélite parfum, by Isabelle Doyen , Hotel Principe Di Savoia - Milan, 2017. 

Naomi chose to use a hotel suite as a medium, transforming it - in situ, by dressing the furniture & objects with white cotton fabric - her own vision of a ‘nuit blanche’. The room is bought back to a blank canvas … Surrealistic techniques of psychic/compulsive writings & drawings from artist Louise Bourgeois ‘Insomnia Drawings’ inspired Naomi as a relevant expression of the nocturnal tuberose flower – obsessive, fresh, green, animalistic & addictive. A few hand made original & unique silicone plants by Tzuri Gueta from ‘Noces Végétales’ are displayed in the suite, as a link to some aspects of the perfume.


A.I - ALTAROMA/ Rome Fashion Week. "Creative Crime" curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili , Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Rome, 2015. 

An anthology of the works of A.I - Artisanal Intelligence, that collected more than 100 staged stories in an archive, together with the presentation of unrecorded new designers - free to express their creative genius.


MOBA/ Mode Biennale Arnhem. "Fetishism in Fashion" curated by Lidewij Edelkoort, 2013. Naomi's "Proposition" handbag was part of the exhibition.

Lidewij Edelkoort is arguably the world's most famous trend forecaster. She is also a publisher, humanitarian, educator and curator, illuminating museums and cultural institutions around the world with dynamic exhibitions. Edelkoort has been named by TIME Magazine as one of the Most Influential People in Fashion and is recipient of numerous accolades. 

Among featuring designers: Barbara I Gongini, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Maison Martin Margiela, Iris Van Herpenënnale-100790283687/


A.I - ALTAROMA/ Rome Fashion Week. "Roma Caput Divina" curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili , Biblioteca Angelica - Rome, 2013. 

A.I. ARTISANAL INTELLIGENCE, is a platform created by Clara Tosi Pamphili, to encompass Art, Craftsmanship and Fashion - Made in Italy. "Genius and promiscuous Rome, where thought and study move at the same pace as dreams, the relationship with the Church, the respect for traditions and the continuous transgression of the rules". In this edition, A.I. tells of how impossible it is to differentiate the creativity that Rome has inspired. Like scenes from a Fellinian film - artists and fashion makers capable of evoking subconscious worlds, all with solid cultural archetypes. Naomi Goodsir was the only non Italian guest invited at this exhibition to show her creations.