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Isabelle Doyen is a graduate from the renowned ISIPCA, Paris. Today, she is a part time teacher there, sharing her extensive knowledge of fine perfumery. Outstanding students Francis Kurkdjian & Mathilde Laurent are graduates of her class. 

The rest of Isabelle’s time is devoted to her perfume creation company Aromatique Majeur. Since the 1980's, Isabelle has been the ‘in house’ perfumer for Annick Goutal where with Annick, she co-signed many of Goutal’s perfumes. With Camille Goutal, Isabelle continues to create for the Goutal brand. 

Isabelle was one of the very first independent master noses, who has gained rare distinguished respect from her fellow peers as a talented artist expressing her creativity through fine perfumery. She considers fragrance compositions as a universal language - deeply personal, intimate & secret. Isabelle is a friend, who Renaud has known & followed for 13 years. Naomi & Renaud had always dreamed of working with Isabelle well before the creation of their premier fragrances. From Isabelle’s side, she viewed Naomi as a source of inspiration. So through a close collaborative vision ‘ Nuit de Bakélite ’ was born.

Photo by Evgeniya Chudakova in Naomi Goodsir Parfums, "Insomnia" suite, in Milan 2017